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Let Us Mediate offers a secure and positive environment  for  disputing parties to engage in honest communications- with the goal of resolving their conflict.  The final settlement, jointly arrived at should answer the most pressing needs of each side.  Human error and  selfishness are part of life.  Acknowledging this reality when entering the mediation journey can allow for the parties to  acknowledge that both sides can maintain conflicting perspectives, yet still proceed  voluntarily  to take responsibility for designing a scenario that both sides can live with- bypassing the pain and unpleasantness of the legal alternatives--i.e the courtroom with all of its attendant costs.

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First 20 minute consultation free. 

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Phone  consultations over 15 minutes  $40/hr

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Why choose me to be your mediator?

Well basically I am good at it.  My previous professional experiences as an "intervenor" in a public school system (where I acted as a "bridge" between student-teacher-parent and administrator), private  construction contractor , importer, wholesaler and retailer have given me the skill set in;  1. finding "fit"/solutions    2.  understand how important it is to be  creative to sometimes "think outside the box" and 3. to have a "problem solver mentality" .  

Perhaps  the most important element in successful mediation is  maintaining a positive attitude in commitment to "process" , where my attention in encouraging the parties to clearly communicate their concerns/desires to each other and the mediator.  Often in life disputes arise  because parties misread the intentions of others (due to miscommunications) and hence unnecessary  obstacles are created in the minds of others.

In my private life I have had the opportunities to unofficially mediate divorce/child visitation disputes which my personal friends felt comfortable confiding in me and taking suggestions to work out these highly emotional disputes outside of the restrictions which existed in the family court environment. They subsequently went to court with joint agreements I had helped them to fashion.

So whether it be a dispute in families or between businesses or in the workplace, I am sensitive and aware of the various calculations which disputing parties are making, and I believe my sincerity is contagious-- that is appreciated by the parties who  choose to work with me at letusmediate.  I am not here to waste the parties time.  I am results oriented and the  bottom line  people find it easy to place their trust in me.   I am not in business to waste your time.

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